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With the free FileMenu Tools the right-click menu can be customized in Windows. Using the context menu to delete and split files is possible. Professionals call with the freeware, for example, backup programs.

expand context menu of Windows Explorer: FileMenu Tools Download

The context menu in Windows is the time saving method at all. Instead of having to wade through long menus, just click with the right mouse button and the desired command. How often one has, however, wished that there more useful commands appear? The FileMenu tools make it possible to adapt the menu to the user's needs. Already on board the FileMenu Tools are functions that you can unlock. This includes a secure file deletion. The deletion routine overrides private documents several times. A recovery is made virtually impossible. For easy backup purposes, the synchronization is appropriate. Two folders can be synchronized on both or one side.

FileMenu Tools Download

Another function is to find and replace. All selected files searched the freeware for any phrases and replace them. The use of regular expressions is possible. Right-click the FileMenu Tools split files into several parts and add them back together ("joinen"). The FileMenu Tools you can really as a "useful" Utility collection call. working with Windows on a personalized context menu can be make many times more convenient, particularly with regard to the handling of files.

The free system utility already brings a lot of comfort features. The potential of the right-click tuner used in conjunction with third programs only really apply. So it would be conceivable to download files using the right mouse button on an FTP server or secure it with a trusted backup tool.

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