Switch to HTML5 YouTube or disable HTML5

Switch to HTML5 YouTube or disable HTML5

[Update 19/02/2015]: Video clips on YouTube have long been played by Flash plug-in, but the Player from Adobe always causes trouble. Now videos can be on YouTube in HTML5 play. The new playback format loads faster and looks better. Now players change!

Users can set on the popular portal movies, view or download using the Free YouTube Video Download and save it to your hard disk. Instead of Flash / H.264 videos can also be played via HTML5 on YouTube. This is convenient by default for all in HTML 5 videos available.

Change default on YouTube in HTML5

The for some time built into most browsers default HTML5 also handles the playback of media content without additional codecs or plugins. Specifically, the following browsers are supported: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. In order therefore can deliver all the videos that YouTube via HTML5 to view with the new built-in browser video player, only a few clicks are needed.

Used playback formats on YouTube

Which video formats are currently used for playing the videos, depends on the browser and version used. More recent versions of Internet browsers use enhanced features and have different settings. For example, the latest version of Google Chrome HTML5 has preset for YouTube. Therefore, the update of the browser used is worth before you change the settings.

YouTube in HTML5

Set YouTube in HTML5 standard

The procedure to YouTube playback in HTML5, is the same in all browsers. In all cases, the settings with just a few mouse clicks can be adapted.

First, this website must be called. Here users can view all supported by the browser formats. Is already set at the YouTube HTML5 player, a message will appear.

If this is not the case, you have to scroll down a bit until the indication is currently under the standard player appears used. Directly below you can request with a single click of the HTML5 video player.

Request YouTube in HTML5

Once you confirm the button, the HTML5 video player is set as the new standard. Another storage or confirmation is not required. This setting is maintained even when the browser is restarted.

Disable YouTube HTML5 Video Player

In Google Chrome, the deactivation of HTML5 is not possible as YouTube standard. Users of other browsers must open this page again to switch playback of YouTube clips back to the default player.

YouTube reset in HTML5

Here can be used again by clicking on the appropriate button the default player. Which player exactly is meant depends on the installed plug-ins and can be found in the settings option.