How to Increase the ALDI TALK Internet speed

Dissatisfied with the lame ALDI TALK Internet speed? With this trick you turned the discount flat rate in high-speed Internet. read here how to do it!

an Internet package booked - must first ensure - if not already present. This can easily be done online or mobile after downloading the ALDI TALK app. A practical overview of all ALDI TALK rates can be found here.

The standard ALDI TALK Internet speed

By default, the browsing speed is 21.6 Mbit / s download and up to 8.6 Mbit / s upstream. Was the booked data volume consumed, can / continue surfing s with 56 kbit man - the throttled speed is also reflected by any trick in the book screw up (unless you booked add more volume). To 21.6 Mbit / s, however, a bit can be rotated.

O2 as a network partner makes it possible

Originally ALDI TALK ran under E-Plus. Also with this provider customers of the discount could for a time (and there where the network was already removed) surf with LTE speed. Meanwhile, E-Plus is one of o2 or Telefónica Germany. And o2 offers a relatively well-developed LTE network in which up to 100 Mbit / s - so the nearly five times the pace may be surfed. And it also benefits the ALDI TALK Internet speed (at least if you have a 4G fähges device). However, surfing the LTE network does not work without complications, which is why many devices automatically dial into the slower 3G network. This dilemma can be bypassed with a simple trick, however.

The ALDI TALK Internet Increase Speed

To switch to the LTE network, you open the option connections or wireless networks and mobile networks point in the settings of its LTE-enabled device. Here there is the choice of network operator. If you now look at networks display all available providers for a brief moment. Now, select o2 must - en COUNCIL: LTE will be selected. Unless you are staying in areas that have such a developed network, should be possible to browse faster afterwards. Does not change, it may be because you are in a region where the fast network is not yet available.

ALDI TALK Internet speedWith this trick and a little luck, the ALDI TALK Internet can pimp speed.

SunExpress when consumed volume

Is the Internet speed but once throttled only the paid subsequent posting data volume helps. ALDI TALK customers can continue surfing with the option new high-speed volume at full speed. As this book only resets the data counter, the volume made available and the price while pointing after the originally booked package. Here are some examples:

  • 2 Euro: 150 MB
  • 4 euros: 750 MB
  • 6 €: 1.5 GB
  • 8 Euro: 2 GB

SunExpress ALDI TALK Internet speedrestore the ALDI TALK browsing speed via subsequent posting. (Picture: E-Plus Service GmbH & Co KG)