Word template: lease apartment 2023

Word template: lease apartment

With the Word template: lease apartment Download a standard form for the rental of housing is on the computer. This makes tenants, landlords and real estate agents for new leases useful and saves unnecessary paperwork.

Word template lease apartment download for landlords and tenants

The free submission corresponds to the legally prescribed writing, hold agreements for the rental of residential spaces. One only has to add the names of tenants and landlords, information on the rental and Mitpreis. The Word template saves real estate agents and landlords handmade when creating legally valid leases.

Word template lease apartment DownloadWord template lease apartment Download as clever patterns lease (Picture: editorial)

Lease apartment contains all the key elements required by law

The sample text in Microsoft Word format contains all the key elements required by law, such as the location and size of the apartment, equipment rental, rental, lease and information on the calculation of additional costs and the deposit. The lease covers three sides. In the following, Overview of contents:

  • property
  • rent period
  • rent
  • Payment of rent and utilities
  • deposit
  • Limitation of liability of the lessor
  • Use of the rooms
  • Majority of tenants
  • Minor repairs, cosmetic repairs
  • Writing, severability clause
  • Other arrangements (e.g. obligation to grit, stair cleaning, etc.)

Edit the template in MS Word or OpenOffice

The free Word template facilitates Creating an exemplary lease in Microsoft Word. The sample text takes tenants, brokers and landlords from a lot of typing. All important content and questions on the rental property are covered here. The lease may be after the Word template: should be lease apartment download, edited with a word processor such as Microsoft Word 2013 or OpenOffice on the computer and with additional data and comments. It is a DOT template that can be used in other word processors that support this original size.

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Word template lease apartment Download EditPattern Eligible lease for Microsoft Word (Picture: editorial)

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