Versatile tool for network diagnostics for free

Versatile tool for network diagnostics for freeAgataSoft PingMaster Pro helps users to monitor and diagnose networks. The tool based on IP queries checks the availability of hosts such as servers and routers that are connected to the LAN or Internet.

Diagnostic tool for network monitoring

AgataSoft PingMaster Pro information in the main view the status of each monitored IP addresses with the color code green, yellow and red. The color green is associated with functioning connections, Yellow indicates temporary problems in establishing a connection, while red indicates critical error. AgataSoft PingMaster Pro runs quietly in the background and performs automatic control of the network and all devices located therein through. The program sends ICMP requests and measures the average response time. If a device or server is not available, an immediate warning message will be sent to the system administrator. If a device / server may not accept ICMP requests, PingMaster Pro provides SNMP monitoring or to request an HTTP header to measure the response time.


With AgataSoft PingMaster Pro administrators maintain connections to servers, routers, switches, and individual PCs or websites in mind. Basic knowledge of network technology help users to get the most out of the diagnostic software out.

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Note: After installing AgataSoft PingMaster Pro users can use the software with the file "Activate.exe" unlock the full version within the 24-hour promotion period.In addition, the setup offers to install a program called Software Informer. This tool is not required for the function of the free full version. Some virus scanners Software Informer can lead to so-called heuristic hits. Agatasoft_Pingmaster_Pro_2