Microsoft Office 2010

Of the Microsoft Office 2010 Download appeared as the successor to Microsoft Office 2007 in April 2010 and has been subjected to over this a significant facelift. In addition, a number of updated and new features came in the all-round solution for digital office work. The office suite has plenty to offer: Office 2010 Professional Plus includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the mail client Outlook and OneNote, Publisher, AccessInfoPath, Communicator & SharePoint Workspace - more Office can not.

Microsoft Office 2010 DownloadMicrosoft Office 2010 Download as proven complete solution for the office (Photo: Microsoft / Editorial)

Microsoft Office 2010 Download with web applications of Word & Co.

Besides the known offline applications also various online versions are available in parallel in Microsoft Office of 2010. So the mobile work is supported and facilitated a lot. Relief is also the key word for the re-optimized workflows in Office 2010 with a revised Ribbon bar and a useful Office button for faster access to a variety of frequently used functions.

Microsoft Office 2010 also comes with OpenOffice formats which

Microsoft Word was in addition to comfortable search function for better management of information within documents, the new * "Protected View" donated. Downloaded from the web documents are opened so once in a mode where they can not cause any damage on the PC. Another innovation: Since Office 2010 and Open Office formats are processed. A screenshot tool is a click and enables the user to select any active application whose image is then embedded into the open document. Also, the internal image processing was reviewed and provides not only effects and image enhancement a free actuating tool.

Stronger links with social networks

Excel comes up with a graph function called "sparklines" on. The mini-charts can be placed within a cell and represent the contents of x-arbitrary cells. The mail program Outlook is also operated by Ribbon since the 2010 version. With the integration of Jump Lists as well as access to social networks known from Windows 7 technologies are taken into account.

Streaming presentations with PowerPoint

PowerPoint brings chic templates, effects, and a greatly improved integration of media. In addition, PowerPoint 2010 now enables the recording and streaming and public share presentations. Other Office programs are available for free download in our software offering.

Microsoft does not test version for the Microsoft Office 2010 to download more.

change now: The new standard in Office 2016's demo versions of Office 2010 Office are no longer available. Click here for Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2016!