Icons: Desktop change font color

Icons: Desktop change font color

Windows colors the labeling of the desktop icons usually white. If one uses a bright wallpaper, it will be difficult with the readability. A small freeware tool offers flexibility in dealing with icons.

Desktop font color and the problematic readability

Although Windows XP, Vista and 7 automatically change the font color of desktop icons, but only as a function of whether a light or dark wallpaper is enabled. Windows XP displays in a dark background, a white font color and with a light background a black color. Windows Vista and 7 use shadows for better readability. If the wallpaper but speckled or he has a gradient, these mechanisms reach their limits. This may be avoided with the freeware tool Iconoid.

Iconoid fits desktop font color to

The slim Freeware Iconoid missed any painting desktop font – according to the wishes of the user. We take you step by step through the color change:

  • Install Iconoid and run it with administrator privileges.

  • Click behind "text Color" in the color field and the desired icon font color select.

  • Under "Icon Background" make the background of Scripture. "Transparent" inserts the usual transparent background while "Solid Color" a fixed background color determined. change font color - Iconoid

Problems with desktop font color: Turn off transparency

Especially with white background graphics transparent font color can be distracting. On Windows, you can turn them off even without an extra tool. We declare the appropriate steps for Windows XP and Win 7. Windows XP: Windows XP font color transparency

  • Click with the right mouse button on the Workplace and then select characteristics.

  • Navigate to the tab extended and call in the area "system performance" the settings on.

  • Remove the check mark in front Drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop and click OK. Windows 7:

  • Call begin to give in a search box "presentation" and click on the search results adapt presentation and performance of Windows.

  • Clear the check mark next to the option Drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop. Accept the settings with OK.

Desktop icons restore and more

We explain in other posts, what can you do when your desktop icons disappeared ** are ** and how to save the ** ** Icon position.