Wing Commander Saga German Download

With the Wing Commander Saga German Download there is finally a German version of the unofficial continuation of the space saga. The ambitious fan project was published after ten years of development in 2012 and has a large and active community.

Wing Commander Saga German Download: space battles in German

Developed by fans 3D space shooter is chronologically located between Wing Commander 3 and its successors. In 55 missions and hard space battles is about to destroy the Kilrathi final. Here, the game into a complex story is embedded, which is very text heavy due to lack of interactive video frequencies. With the German Mod action-packed space simulation will not only German subtitles, but also an engine optimization. After the Wing Commander Saga German Download the game without compatibility issues running smoothly on new devices.

Wing Commander Saga German Download

Many years of translation work and a lot of idealism

In the mod stuck over three years of development work. 70 cinematics and 11,000 lines of dialogue are now German subtitles. Since the action is mainly driven by radio dialogues and texts, many players asked after the release in 2012 to a German version. there was a systematic effort translation before publication of the space shooter. What started as a one or two-man project, but a year was only thanks to the realized Wing Commander Saga German team after the publication. The dedicated team consists of 14 members in the fields of translation, beta testing and technology and could now provide a complete translation and subtitling.

Wing Commander Saga German Download briefing

The mod brings numerous extras

Besides the complete translation of all content, including briefings, radio calls, scenes or databases and optimized game engine bugs have been fixed and new content added. In addition, the fiction Vierwer has been completely redesigned the menus made more convenient and implements new graphics. With the all-new Battle Simulator Players can show off their flying skills skills to the test before the epochal space battle begins.

The prerequisites for installing the mod

The Wing Commander Saga German Download is installed as an add-on, advance both the install version of Wing Commander Saga and the update is necessary. If you have not run it on the PC, both files can be downloaded here:

  • Wing Commander Saga Download
  • Wing Commander Saga Patch Download