We Heart It

By downloading the We Heart It app Although the user will receive no photo community-app novelty, but one that can keep up with the competition. The Android app is distinguished by its yet very sophisticated and high-quality images. Users can upload their own pictures, browse other users and easily download, share or use these.

We Heart It app - a community for photo junkies

Photo communities are a must for users who constantly hold everything seen by the camera, the experiment much like to present their work and browse for hours in pictures of other users. Of course there are for these purposes already social networks that offer just that. Who holds beyond all his thoughts and ideas only about images is absolutely right when We Heart It. In the community, especially the high quality and the claim of the images are striking, whereas silly selfies be used in other portals already at every turn. Who wants to be part of the more than 35 million large photo community must sign up before. be interrogated next to the name of the user name and e-mail and password.

We Heart It app

We Heart It: Images network for their own and others' photos

The Android application convinces with a very stylish and modern user interface. All important functions are quickly accessible. So users can easily upload at will own pictures after login. The app only supports popular image formats, GIFs. Thanks links to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, the latest works can equal the first evaluation of all friends are subjected.

Browse for photos and distribute the heart

Pudelwohl feels in the We Heart It app which of images just can not get enough, because the app keeps photos of more than 35 million members ready. Users can click through for hours through the images of other users. Those looking for some subjects or topics can shorten the Browse the search. Since the images are provided in the community with tags, keywords can be used to search. Various topic-based categories do not exist, however.

We Heart It app Discover

Most images can be favored by forgiving heart. Of course you can also follow in the We Heart It Android Network, like other communities, the members, whether they are now photographer next door or opinion-people from all over the world.

create thematic photo collections

In addition, users images that appeal to them, sort them into different collections and store. So you can create several private galleries that are filled, for example with ideas for future destinations, fashion trends or design inspiration for your own garden. The images can be stored or otherwise without exception on your own device used directly as wallpaper.

We Heart It app collection

NOTE: This is exactly the hook of the app, because users can store their own images at full resolution or forward. Copyrights are thereby hardly maintained.