My training diary was formerly known as AnalyseMe training diary and serves amateur athletes to identify and monitor the success of their physical exercises. The shareware presents itself mainly though focused on endurance sports, but is also suitable for ball and racket sports such as tennis. Thus Active can show their sporting and not work on the computer at the center, My training diary lays templates on for recurring units. So you have these not constantly re-enter, but only update with the performance achieved and values ​​such as heart rate and energy consumption. In order to assess exercise performance better, to choose from a drop-down list the prevailing weather, including temperature. Based on the collected data My training diary created a line graph which goes back up to 30 days and gives an impression to the development of its own performance. A training list is completed units tabulated, will open the entries by double-clicking and also allows the subsequent processing of the data. Not only that, to my training diary is suitable for conducting and evaluating various performance tests. This includes not only Cooper and UKK walking include the PCW test. For the latter, the sports diary contains detailed instructions and training proposals. To a completely round thing My training diary is additional tools. One of them manages the equipment that can be included in the training data, and keeps a close eye on their wear. Running athletes also stands a pace calculator to the side that receives values ​​such as speed, time run or even Pace for arbitrary or major distances. Finally, neither a BMI calculator still own backup module including Restore feature may be missing. So my training diary can all in all, hardly a sportsman's request for data acquisition unfulfilled.

Limitations of My training diary

30 day trial, after which restricted continue to be used.