With the KSR Knowledge Base (KNB) you are able to manage a wide variety of information in a very simple manner clearly. In addition to managing textual information, are also able to manage external files in it. The system is similar to a book in chapters and related articles established. Of course, you can refer to other articles within an article by inserting links. Put in your structure (left) so just a right-click is a new chapter or acquire there a new article. Using the search function you thus always be able to quickly and easily search and an extensive inventory. Print or send over to your article via e-mail or an entire chapter with all the articles to Word. With the Pro version you get a solution with SQL Server database (MSDE version is included), and extended rights functions for different employees and employee groups. Also included in the Pro version is the ability to provide the data on an FTP server other users with the standard variant. About this way you can keep your mobile sales representatives in a simple manner to date.