change his WhatsApp profile picture Insert & Contact Pictures 2023

change his WhatsApp profile picture Insert & Contact Pictures

New to the popular Messenger? Some features may not show up right away, but have yet to be found again. In this tip, we show how to be WhatsApp profile picture can change or hide – on Android smartphones, iOS devices. At the same time you can also add any missing photos of contacts.

WhatsApp profile picturechange the WhatsApp profile picture is not rocket science. At the same time you can still adjust contact pictures. (Photos: editorial)

change the WhatsApp profile picture is not difficult

The profile picture is one of WhatsApp like the Croissants for ice ball. The scoop of ice cream can also be consumed without croissants, but upgraded for most with waffle again. And profile pictures are something like the poster child for the user. Tread pattern for new users who download of WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone just ahead of them to be a little challenging.

A tip in advance: Who uses the WhatsApp for iPad download, sees the images of his friends still the same one size larger. Since work contacts where instead of pictures gray boxes appear as foreign bodies. This, however, can change quickly.
Once you understand the way the profile image can easily be changed as often as you want and as much hergibt own gallery. But careful not to confuse your contacts too much by it every 30 minutes setting a new image.

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Select WhatsApp profile pictureThree different options are available: take a photo, choose one from the gallery, or delete the existing image.

Replace your own profile picture – or hide

Before you exchange his profile picture at WhatsApp with a new one, you should also know what picture instead of the old should occur. If that is clear, the change is a breeze. The photo should have at least a size of 192×192 pixels.

To set a profile picture you go then do the following:

  1. Opens WhatsApp and selects the top right of the three points. This is the More button.
  2. Go to the settings and there on your profile. This is the entry at the top.
  3. Here you see a gray box with stylized head, or even your current profile picture. Tap on this and then on the pen top right or directly on the camera icon on the screen of the round profile image. Now you have several options:

    • A photo record
    • Select a photo from an album or
    • Remove the existing photo so that the stylized head is visible.

Choose an option and an image and confirmed. Here you can also equal to adapt the picture. At the same time you can here the way, enter your name, which is then displayed your contacts.

WhatsApp profile picture settingsAbout the settings tab Account can be adapted Privacy Policy, who can see their profile picture.

Tip: Do not you want that each of your contacts can see your profile picture? Also, there’s a way. In the privacy settings can specify whether any WhatsApp users, only your contacts, or none at your profile picture and the online time stamp and status can view. For this you have to go only following way:

  • Opens WhatsApp and tap on the settings. Examined the entry account and select Privacy. There, everything can be adjusted.
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Hide WhatsApp profile pictureThere you can also hide from others the image.

Note: Have you blocked a contact, it no longer looks when you change your profile picture. This means that the one who looks permanently adjusted to your lock screen time until it clears your contact details. If you just so you have an image that one should not see permanently, your profile picture will change simply short or deletes it briefly. Then you blocked the contact. Once that is done, you can relist your profile picture. The blocked contact looks permanently no longer picture of you until you unblock it again.

insert images of contacts

Some chat friends have even added no WhatsApp profile picture. If you have the contact zugordnet a photo, it is then used in such cases of WhatsApp. but there is no picture, the box remains gray. This can be changed as follows: Unlike the own profile picture, you have to leave the Messenger to assign a photo to his friends. For the changes you have to go to the address book.

WhatsApp profile picture contacts

There are now looking for the desired contact and tap. Select Edit the contact and tap the blank photo box. Now you can again drag an image from various sources. Did you insert the image, it will automatically appear the next time the Messengers as WhatsApp profile picture of your contact. If not, simply update the contact list shortly manually.