ZDF Live Stream

Move, when important soccer games run or simply no TV ready? Then the ZDF Live Stream helps, because it sends its program both live, and afterwards with a simple search in the library.

With ZDF Livestream always on the air

In the ZDF live stream, the transmitter transmits the Mainzelmännchen Part of his program for free via Internet. The web app streams, for example, its sporty flagship "The current gym"But also shows how "wiso". "Soko 5113" and sports events of different calibres. So ZDF both shipments transferred around the Winter Olympics in 2014 and as well as the long-awaited World Cup in the same year.

The complete range of ZDF live streams

The free ** ZDF live stream ** is at the beginning of broadcasting on the air, ready to put them in real time for the audience. For receiving video players such as Windows Media Player, VLC media player, or alternatively, QuickTime is required. The ZDF Livestream way, is also part of the ZDF library. Therefore, viewers find also broadcasts for viewing, that have already finished. Who wants to know the way, when and which programs will be broadcast, for a free TV program is offered here.

A very easy search with a simple user interface

Who live, so would like to see in real-time broadcasts, which must go only to the side of the ZDF live streams and immediately begin the transfer. Just as easily, the search designed for missed shipments. There are just above the Video menu bar on which an area is selected, the with "missed the program" is titled. Click the spectators it to open a drop-down menu that sort it by date showing the various broadcasts. Also there is a button with "Program A-Z"Under which the user can also search for the program.

ZDF Live Stream

This makes it wonderfully simple to find all his (missed) favorite shows again, and still call himself at the last minute as the streamed football game. How to offer other providers of Internet TV with free live stream their program, you can see here.

For a successful live stream

To be able to perform both the transmission in real time as well as the transfer in retrospect by the library is, a stable Internet connection a fundamental condition. Because it guarantees the transfer without wobbles or dropouts, so that the viewer also so do not miss any important details. The wonderful alternative for the TV The ZDF Live Stream makes the TV actually already obsolete, because it offers its viewers everything also has the TV and even whenever the viewer wants. Because: The viewer can not only follow his favorite programs in real time, but this also at a later time and whenever he wants to view.