The Windows Change 10 Design: These are the best looks

The Windows Change 10 Design: These are the best looks

around the Windows Change 10 Design to only the Windows Store must be called. There is not only wallpaper, but also matching window colors and sounds. We have selected the best!

After Windows 10 download, many users had to get used to the simple material design of the new operating system. However, it is also significantly more colorful:

It’s that simple Windows Change 10 Design

Once you have chosen the right theme in the Windows Store by Microsoft, you have to do is click on Download and following Open. The design information is stored on the PC and apply the settings directly. Although a variety of themes with the new operating system is already compatible, but still far from all. We browsed a bit and put together the most beautiful layout themes.

stunning photographs

By Theme NASA – hidden universe can be the Windows Change with Infrared Space Telescope images 10 style. The photographs of the Spitzer Space Telescope give each desktop universal beauty.

Windows Change 10 Design

Those who prefer to remain on Earth, has wonderful with sandstone formations landscapes. The photographs by Duncan Lawler feature a soothing color spectrum and almost meditative looking stone formations.

Change Windows 10 style sandstone formations

If you prefer a moist, picks up the waterfalls theme and brings a touch of enchanted forests and fresh air on his monitor.

Change Windows 10 Design Waterfalls

art & design

A Book of Sleep offers a stunning scenes from Il Sung Nas known book by sleep. The poetic drawings and collages, who was born in Seoul artist enchant you with its softness and color.

Windows Change 10 Design A Book of Sleep

By Theme Color Explosion A bright on the home computers. Whether color or shimmering raindrops whether whirled pigments or reflective Wasseroberl├Ąchen, if you like something Flash should choose this style.

Change Windows 10 Design Color Explosion

seasonal themes

Who wants traditionally celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with Easter eggs must not look in the Windows 10 designs for long. With the theme Painted eggs you have the perfect wallpaper, including a baby blue window color. With so much pastel you can only hope that the summer soon holds with its bold colors feeder.

Windows Change 10 Design Painted eggs

Who wants to change its Windows 10 design to adapt slowly to the cold season, which can with autumn colors in Japan. Here, blood-red foliage is combined with elegant Japanese gardens. However, the stylish theme can also beautify the year the desktop.

Change Windows 10 Design Autumn colors

In the right Christmas spirit to get there by design Christmas decorations, which includes mainly fell close-ups of colorful balls and flickering candles. So does the dark season can reasonably withstand reasonable and with a touch of coziness on the computer.

Change Windows 10 style Christmas decorations
Images: Microsoft