Typing Deluxe

Typing Deluxe

Of the Typing Deluxe Download Much help typists in learning the 10-finger system. For this, the shareware brings more than 20 varied lessons on the computer, but also allows the free practice of the fast-paced technology.

World literature retype the Typing Deluxe Download

In addition, invites Typing Deluxe while connected to the Internet without the latest news in the form of RSS feeds. After appropriate treatment these news feeds also serve as a basis for the Prediction Training. still not enough who these sources as a lesson for faster typing, the use of integrated world literature, tapping it off.

Known works like the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersens here make for a bit of literary education in the course of practice. Rounding Typing Deluxe by functions to store and analyze the learning progress. In this way, you’ll always have an eye on whether the hardship on the keyboard really pays off.

Typing Deluxe Download

Limitations of Typing Deluxe

The trial is only the first seven lessons.