Adamski TV

Adamski is not available. The service has been set for an indefinite period.Alternatives related to the TV streaming can be found here. Recommended programs and web apps to receive internet TV on your computer include Beautiful TV, live stream TV and Zattoo.

Adamski TV Download: Watch TV on PC

Adamski TV makes the browser a virtual television and scores with a right large range of programs of public and private broadcasters from the German area. The free Web app is optimized for browsers Although the manufacturer, but also plays Live streams of RTL, SAT1, VOX & Co. in other web browsers from. The VLC media player must be installed as Adamski TV relies on the plug-in when playing media content. However, it came in our tests when switching between channels occasionally crash the VLC plugin.

Adamski TV Download

Private broadcasters RTL and Pro7 are on offer

For the provision of Adamski TV are in addition to the public broadcasters ARD, ZDF, 3SAT and arte numerous private channels RTL, SAT1 Pro7 over to Kabel 1. The TV stations in Switzerland and Austria, SRF1 and SRF2 and ORF1 and ORF2, are also found in the squad as Kika, ZDF Neo and some important third party programs such as NDR, HR and BR.

Adamski TV Download provides fast access to sports channels

At news channels are N-TV, N24 and Phoenix on board. Lots Interest channels as Sport1, Euro Sport and MTV round off the television browser. Overall, the Adamski TV Download 50 channels via web app available, some of them in HD.

Switching from the window view in full screen mode

The following transmitter can be seen in Adamski TV: 3Plus, 3Sat, Arte, ATV, BR, The First, The Fourth, Deluxe Music, DMAX, EinsExra, EinsPlus, Euro News, Euro Sports, HR, Joiz, Kabel 1, Kika, MDR, MTV, N24, NDR , Nickelodeon, n-TV, ORF 1, ORF 2, Phoenix, Pro7, radio Bremen, rBB, RTL, RTL nitro, RTL2, Sat.1, SF1, SF2, SFinfo, Sixx, Sport1, SR, StarTV iMusic, SWR, Tele 5 , TeleZ├╝ri, Viva, VOX, WDR, ZDF, ZDFinfo, ZDFkultur and ZDFneo. The channel change is somewhat tricky mouse and menu selection underneath the live streams. Who wants changes from the window view in full screen mode.

Adamski TV Download

Commercials when you change channels

The Adamski TV Download brings numerous German-language television programs in the web browser. The station selection is slightly larger than that of live stream TV, but the user must click away occasionally advertising in return when you change channels. If you value foreign as well as German television station, however, is well advised with Beautiful TV or Zattoo.