word Creator

Of the Word generator download generates random words or texts from a repertoire of characters that can be weighted by the user by probabilities at will.

Word Generator Download with counter for letters and syllables

The freeware also contains various additional functions such as counting of letters and syllables. Those looking for an easy example merkbares yet unusual password generator sets the word in motion and immediately receive any number of proposals. The length of the words and the number of terms generated in a single pass can be prescribed it. The word generator based on frequency tables of almost all languages ​​with Latin alphabet. but you can also use your own lists of letters and syllables or weight the letter differently.

Individual letters can be removed or added. Quite informative counters for letters and syllables. Available are a letter counter for ANSI character, a counter for two and three syllables and a Unicode counter for letters and syllables. Thus, frequency profiles for letters and syllables any text to create and display a frequency table in HTML format directly. The integrated text generator even makes it possible to create whole texts with subject, verb, object, or other elements. No installation is required. The word generator can thus be used on the move on a USB stick. The freeware offers many ways to create and counting of word lists and texts. Surprise effects are guarantees!

Word generator download