Video Live Wallpaper App

Video Live Wallpaper App

With the Video Live Wallpaper App can be created easily live wallpaper from any videos.

Who wants to have video of his loved ones, to a hip clip as wallpaper on your phone or tablet, you can quickly and easily create custom Live Wallpaper thanks to the app. All current video formats are supported so that you can use both shots with the Handycam and clips that have been downloaded. Individual the background of mobile devices can not be adjusted.

Video Live Wallpaper App

The video live wallpaper app makes the phone to the screen

While using the free tool FFmpeg to create individual wallpapers. Thus, all major formats that support FFmpeg be used. And that’s a whole lot: .avi, .mp4, .3gp, .mpg, .flv, .3g2, .asf, dv, mov, mpeg, rm, .vcd, vob and wmv. be recommended by the developers formats mpeg1video (MPEG-1) MPG format mpeg2video (MPEG-2) (with vob format MJPEG (Motion JPEG) with .avi format and MPEG4 MPEG4 Part 2, commonly known as DivX, XviD or 3ivX) with .avi format. An optimum result is also achieved with a resolution of 854×480. Audio formats – since there is Live Wallpaper – not supported.

Tips for fine adjustment:

To create the perfect background image can be made to the video live wallpaper app numerous fine adjustments. It can for example be played in alphabetical order or randomly several videos. For large video files users can choose whether they want to keep the original tempo of the clip by individual frames are skipped, or whether they favor a liquid and for slightly slower playback. With the option Shift Video of the background moves with the appropriate video format to the left or right when switching between home screens and other screens and hergewechselt. When disabled, the video remains centered.

120 prefabricated video on the wallpaper catalog

Anyone who has seen enough of his own Live Wallpaper can choose from a catalog of 120 videos the perfect backdrop for their mobile device. In addition to abstract motifs, there are nature clips, fire or water backgrounds or romantic wallpapers. The videos are free and are available on the video live wallpaper catalog. With the video live wallpaper app users always have the perfect live wallpaper at hand – whether from their own clips or the catalog.