Calendar 2016 with holidays

With the Calendar 2016 with holidays Download you always have a good overview of all the public holidays of 2016 at hand. Those looking for the best long weekends for his holiday plans, receive our Holiday glance a printable guide in PDF format as well as calendar and semi-annual calendar for all 16 German states.

Calendar 2016 with holidays Download in practical PDF format for printing

Some holidays are known to work freely in all provinces, others only a few. Our printable overview shows which apply nationwide holidays and that are recognized only in certain countries. The calendar 2016 with holidays Download offers the holiday survey as a practical PDF document to have the list of holidays always have.

All Holidays 2016:

  • New Year 01.01.2016 (Friday) all states
  • Epiphany 06/01/2016 (Wednesday) Baden Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt
  • Good Friday 03.25.2016 (Friday) all states
  • Easter Sunday, 27/3/2016 (Sunday) Brandenburg
  • Easter Monday, 28/03/2016 (Monday) all states
  • Labor Day 01.05.2016 (Sunday) all states
  • Ascension Day 05.05.2016 (Thursday) all states
  • Pentecost Sunday, 15.05.2016 (Sunday) Brandenburg
  • Whit Monday, 16.05.2016 (Monday) all states
  • Corpus Christi 26.05.2016 (Thursday) Ba.-Württ., Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia., Rheinl.-Palatinate, Saarland
  • Assumption 08.15.2016 (Monday) Bavaria, Saarland
  • Day of German Unity 03.10.2016 (Monday) all states
  • Reformation Day 31.10.2016 (Monday) Brandenburg, Meck.-Vorp., Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia
  • All Saints 11.01.2016 (Tuesday) Ba.-Württ., Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia., Rheinl.-Palatinate, Saarland
  • Repentance Day 11.16.2016 (Wednesday) Saxony
  • Christmas Day 12.25.2016 (Sunday) all states
  • Boxing Day 12.26.2016 (Monday) all states

Calendar 2016 with holidays Download

Insert sent in 2016 long weekends

Many workers are wondering what holidays should be the best use of it in 2016 for a long weekend or a bank holiday. For a long weekend with all statutory holidays are likely to fall on either a Friday or a Monday. It is in 2016 by New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Whit Monday, Assumption Day, the Day of German Unity, the Reformation and the second Christmas Day. There is with Ascension, Corpus Christi and All Saints also three holidays, workers as so-called "Long weekends" can be used to have a very low expenditure of vacation days as long as possible free.

Further non-public holidays and holidays in 2016:

  • Weiberfastnacht 02/04/2016 (Thursday)
  • Rose Monday, 08.02.2016 (Monday)
  • Fastnacht 02.09.2016 (Tuesday)
  • Ash Wednesday, 02.10.2016 (Wednesday)
  • Valentine 14.02.2016 (Sunday)
  • Palm Sunday, 20.03.2016 (Sunday)
  • Green Thursday, 24.03.2016 (Thursday)
  • Holy Saturday 26/3/2016 (Saturday)
  • Walpurgisnacht 30.04.2016 (Saturday)
  • Mother 08.05.2016 (Sunday)
  • Thanksgiving 02.10.2016 (Sunday)
  • Halloween 10/31/2016 (Monday)
  • All Souls 11.02.2016 (Wednesday)
  • St. Martin 11.11.2016 (Friday)
  • Memorial Day 13/11/2016 (Sunday)
  • Dead Sunday, 20.11.2016 (Sunday)
  • First Advent 27/11/2016 (Sunday)
  • St. Nicholas Day 06.12.2016 (Tuesday)
  • Christmas Eve 12.24.2016 (Saturday)
  • Silvester 31.12.2016 (Saturday)

Calendar year 2016 in two different versions for all provinces

The calendar 2016 with holidays Download provides more country-specific downloads in addition to a PDF overview. There are annual calendar for printing that are from the web service provided. We have thus created for all provinces PDFs in which the holidays of the year are already entered 2016th In addition, the holidays of the federal state are marked on the calendar. The country-specific holiday and holiday calendar are each in two different variants that on the one hand as an annual calendar expressed on a single side and on the other as a half-year calendar for expression of the first and second half on the front and back. Those looking for more Reminder to free download for PC and Smartphone addition to traditional calendars will find it in our catalog.

Calendar 2016 with holidays Download Annual Calendar