Now can the Google Play credit for free charge. We reveal how to get this trick free to premium games, music or movies. save more and money!

A song here, a bestseller there, maybe a crime before going to sleep? Meanwhile, Google Play offers more than just apps and games. However, one must often dig deep into their pockets for music, movie or book. Even in free games, entice difficult levels to in-app purchases and extra spending. However, if you want to spend your hard earned money somewhere for real things instead of virtual and still want to buy the Play Store, should resort to download the Google Opinion Rewards.

Google Play credit for freeThanks to the survey app to Google Play credit can be charged for free. (Image: Screenshot: Google / Editorial)

answer questions and Google Play, airtime for free

Once it is installed the app, you can receive regular surveys of market researchers. Usually for only a handful are to answer questions, which usually takes only a few seconds or at most a few minutes. For each part, where you participate, there is a credit with the Google Play balances fills free. However, one should not expect too much one, usually there for the short surveys, only a few cents. And insanely many surveys do not exist actually. About every other day you get the notification that a new study is ready. Depending on how many questions includes the study, obtained from just under ten cents (with only one question) to about one euro if the survey takes longer.

Honesty is the best

Now there are several tricks to slip in polls as possible to the desired target group and thus answer as many questions - and thus reap more money - to. So it is usually advantageous if one gives his age in the group between 16 and 35, can demonstrate the highest possible income and has a college degree. However, one should be careful when you cheat in these data: Google has now and then control questions to reveal false information. Although have users who have made themselves richer and more educated, not fear any legal consequences, but they will hardly receive invitations for surveys. Anyone who wants to increase its Google Play credit for free, should stick to the truth, therefore, is the only way he will be able to participate in surveys in the long run.

No payment of savings possible

Unfortunately, you can the merit to have been obtained with the polls, only the Play Store FAQ. A payment of the credit is not possible to date and probably not foreseen in the future. However, the store offers a wide range of ways to get rid Earned his back. And just when one gambles now and then a game can be boosters, items, gems or other features rather than Barem "developed" simply the bonus pay. More betrays the video: