The freeware LEGO Digital Designer provides a free LEGO box with unlimited resources home. Here tinkering LEGO models selectively according to their own ideas from the bottom up or varied official templates to their own taste. The LEGO box - the final frontier. And here is the true exception, actually. Is the LEGO-box usually sometime simply the end of the reserve is reached, is here an endless contingent in all colors and shapes. In addition, one forms models subsequent to or colors according to individual elements. Those who wish can also publish on the LEGO online portal creations or download models from other users and adapt or just get only ideas. Building instructions also support gradually in cobbling together complex models - their own instructions to create in no time and published it on the Internet. After completion of a structure of the designers calculated way, automatically the required stones including purchase price and also offers the same order in the LEGO Store - but I can do without. The free LEGO Digital Designer brings fun for young and old on the home computer. Although all the stones feel like a mouse, the construction & Fun but inhibits only marginally. If it would have been used to be ..