Internet Explorer speed: disable add-ons

Ifs may be a bit more: In Internet Explorer, there are still bottlenecks that slow the performance of Microsoft browser. One way to more speed is the disabling unimportant add-ons.

What are Internet Explorer add-ons?

Third party manufacturers of software access when required toward an interface of Internet Explorer in order to develop additional programs for the browser. These add-ons enhance the browser with new features such as improved search features and a new taskbar. Many programs install but unasked add-ons, which must lift during the loading of Internet Explorer. A longer charging time is the result.

For Internet Explorer add-ons and disable

To manage add-ons a practical function has been integrated into Internet Explorer. It lists all installed add-ons and even shows equal loading time needed to. Manage Internet Explorer Add-Ons

  • Click the Internet Explorer Extras and then Manage Add-ons. This opens the Add-on Manager.

  • Under from the drop-down menu "Show" the option All add-ons out. Now take the time and look at the installed add-ons by. Under "charging time" is given the time needed to load. Right-clicking on the appropriate add-on and a click on Deactivate it will switch off eventually. Note: Do not disable indiscriminately add-ons. Even Flash, which is required for the following YouTube, is an add-on. Be clear about the function of each extension before you turn it off.

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