GMX IMAP set up and synchronize e-mail

GMX IMAP set up and synchronize e-mail

Anyone at Setting GMX IMAP want below, will receive a step-by-step guide on how this works and what data and settings for the IMAP connection in GMX are needed. If not GMX app, but another mail program is used, for example, the Windows 10 Mail app, the server data for Inbox and Outbox first have to be set up correctly. Here now to find out more for GMX IMAP set up!

GMX IMAP instead set up POP3

Retrieving e-mails from GMX works not only through POP3, but also via IMAP. This "Internet Message Access Protocol", Abbreviated IMAP, provides a network file system for e-mails, and extends the functions and procedures of the traditional Post Office Protocol (POP) so that users store their mail folder structures and settings on the mail servers and can also synchronize with multiple devices. All actions performed by the user of his mail program or smartphone are synchronized and transferred to other units.

Setting GMX IMAPGMX IMAP Setup: Connect to mail apps and sync email across multiple devices.

Who clears, for example on his smartphone emails, ensuring that they are removed under IMAP also from GMX mailbox on the desktop PC. This is different from the network protocol POP3. Or e-mails are deleted only on that device, but not from the GMX mailbox. Therefore our recommendation: synchronize emails using IMAP to avoid mail chaos!

Setting up IMAP with GMX: The server data for Inbox and Outbox

When incoming mail server, the user enters the address and the port 993. The SSL encryption is enabled. If SSL is not available, it is sufficient to enable the option encryption. As outgoing mail server, however, the address is and port 587. When encrypting GMX recommended here STARTTLS and alternatively, the TLS and port 465 protocol with SSL as an encryption option.

  GMX IMAP configurare e sincronizzare e-mail

Enable synchronization via IMAP

For receiving or sending e-mails with a mail client or a mail app, the user IMAP in the settings of GMX mailbox must turn once and activate the GMX IMAP synchronization when setting up his e-mail program.

GMX IMAP Setup: Select IMAP retrieval

To enable IMAP in the settings of GMX mailbox, the user clicks on the tab E-mail Settings. select IMAP call and check the box next to "send e-mails via an external program (Outlook, Thunderbird) and receive", After that, click Save. If the program or app extended period of time is not used, GMX switched claims to security reasons retrieval via IMAP again.

GMX IMAP Settings ConfigureThus, the GMX IMAP works set! Source: GMX