Send the appropriate New Year greetings via WhatsApp

Easy New Year's greetings with WhatsApp Email and wish loved ones a happy new year from a distance. Here are the matching text templates for a successful start of the year!

So that the message you are also timed perfectly, is owner of an Android device can download the free New Year's Eve countdown clock and can count down the seconds until the new year on their smartphone.

The best New Year's greetings for WhatsApp

Instead of YouTube videos to send with strange animated animals and helium voices, often comes a text message to Silvester to better. And that in two senses: first, the receiver does not have to watch the video with 49. Quäkstimme, and secondly on the phone. Because depending on where you are in, the mobile network can collapse for New Year's Eve ever been under the pressure of the sent requirements. sent our New Year's greetings with WhatsApp to friends, family and colleagues, as have a much better chance of getting the recipient's device to land.

New Year Greetings WhatsAppWorldwide New Year greetings via WhatsApp to send.

New Year's greetings for the love

  • The year is new, I'm true to you! So it will be in the future - this year I am your own!
  • I wish you for the new year two things: EVERYTHING and NOTHING. Everything that makes you happy, and nothing to despair you.
  • For the new year I wish you that fulfill some dreams, some new ones come and retained some old!

New Year's greetings for friends and family

  • I bring you the new year, best wishes are and hope that by the end you send it all good day!
  • In the sky the stars shine so clear, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • Let the corks pop! Let the glasses sound! Let's start the new year!
  • Survive! Laugh! Love! Keep this recipe! Make the New Year to your festival that makes you enjoy life!
  • Every day in the new year will only mean good luck for you!
  • Dream big and small wishes come today together. May they all find the right way to fulfill this New Year.

New Year's greetings for colleagues

  • A new year means new hope, new light, new thoughts and new ways to target. A good start to the new year!
  • Let the old year at midnight back - but I wish you good luck!
  • I wish you a Merry and Happy New Year! Best regards ...
  • wishes a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year ...
  • Cheers and Hurray! I wish you a fantastic year!

Funny New Year's greetings for WhatsApp

  • Happy New Year and may outlast your good intentions your hangover!
  • To all who have sent me for last year's best wishes: You have brought nothing. Sends this please money, alcohol and / or gasoline vouchers. Thank you.
  • I wish you a hearty, cooked with love hangover breakfast on New Year's morning, so you can start right with force into the new year!
  • This year there's no New Year's resolutions - I have not yet been processed last year.

International New Year's Greetings

  • English: Happy New Year!

  • French: Bonne année!

  • Icelandic: A Hamingjusamur Nytt Ár!

  • Italian: Buon capodannoi / Un Felice Anno Nuovo!
  • Polish: Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
  • Portuguese: Un Feliz Ano Novo!
  • Spanish: Un Feliz Año Nuevo!

Prominent New Year's greetings for WhatsApp

  • Henry Ford: It depends on you yourself whether you want to use the new year as a brake or a motor.
  • Novalis: Greet the new year with confidence and without prejudice, then you've already won half it to friends.
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: The new year looks at me kindly, and I let the old with its sunshine and clouds quietly behind me.
  • Theodor Fontane: Life is like a journey, New Year's a milestone.
  • Wilhelm Busch: When it snows Year's Eve, New Year's is not far.
  • Erich Kästner: "Will's better? Will's worse? ", You wonder every year. Let's face it: life is always life-threatening.