Sometimes it happens and it will virtually terrorized by certain numbers. Whether calls or SMS, it sucks simple and can be quickly scary. Unwanted calls and text messages can be personalized with the Calls Blacklist app effectively block. The features go beyond that of the device's functions.

Calls Blacklist app

Comprehensive blocking functions with the call blacklist app

In addition to simple blocking function unwanted calls and text messages can also manage a blacklist with the app. The clear and free Android program using very little resources. The battery is, for example, almost no load.

Numbers that should be blocked can be selected from the contact list from the call lists or message logs, and a list will be added. Numbers can be manually entered. To calls or text messages from numbers that appear in this list, the device stops responding, so you will not be disturbed or distracted. Nevertheless, the tool records all blocked calls and messages into a journal. So this may be necessary pending an important SMS a blocked contact, can see there. All messages are not blocked numbers makes the call blacklist app on the sidelines. They continue to appear on the device.

Block Calls Blacklist app

Numerous functions and configurations

A plus point of the app are the practical configuration options. So also calls with caller ID blocked can block out at the request and issue alerts equal throughout. Also can be set that no SMS or calls can be received more or be blocked only at certain times.

The features include:

  • Blacklist for numbers (blocking incoming calls and SMS).
  • Schedule.
  • Whitelist (never to be blocked numbers).
  • Recording of blocked calls and SMS.
  • Blocking anonymous (private) numbers.
  • Blocking of unknown numbers.
  • Blocking of numbers according to the letters ( "begins with" option).
  • Blocking of all incoming calls.
  • Blocking of all incoming SMS.
  • Notification of blocked calls and SMS (disable in settings possible).
  • Activation and deactivation of locks with a click.
  • Storage of blacklists in file form.
  • Import blacklists from a file.

With these features, the tool inserts in our download database important security devices and free security tools.