For traders of the North players climb gradually through the ranks of the medieval Hanseatic Trade Organization. By skillful commodity production and ship convoys at the right time in the right place to build his power steadily until you manage to Elderman someday. At the beginning of the browser game but you have to eke out as a small shopkeeper his livelihood. On the basis of supply and demand to buy goods or manufactures them and shipped them in one of the 360 ​​cities with traders of the North. Since the economic system of the simulation is based on real laws of market economy, prices break a again, flooded to the markets with its goods. As trade has been inextricably linked in the times of the cog with politics, one should neglect this area when traders of the north not. And the Hanseat keeps his progress for not fast enough, there is still the opportunity to rush the competition a marauding band of pirates on the neck ... Like so many browser games is also based dealer of the North on the free-to-play principle, in principle is free. Whoever allows himself a paid account, however, remains the future spared from advertising and enjoys additional features. The download area is also a PDF guide that makes the introduction to the complex subject of Free Games help place.