The Fresh Paint Windows 10 App is a free drawing program through numerous creative ways just as impressive as its intuitive operation. The app allows thanks to sophisticated algorithms for paints and painting tools realistic simulations of oil and watercolor paintings or chalk and crayon sketches. Especially on touch screens, the app brings creative fun, but also via mouse can be unique works of art generate realistic look.

Fresh Paint Windows 10 App

Fresh Paint Windows 10 App: Complex algorithms that are fun

Behind the easy-to-use drawing program put years of research. Under the project name Gustav Microsoft developed a complex program that simulates the analog painting process almost realistic. So the colors are quasi still wet after application and can be mixed or smudge. Translucent coat color is possible as well as the structure of the "underground" in the creative process involve.

An intuitive drawing

The operation is (where it makes this much more fun to let his creativity run wild) both on the classic PC and on devices with touch screen easy. First, users must select a suitable background. You can choose between different screens and styles, the structure also affects the bottom line. If you want it smoother, can choose from single-color backgrounds or import photos. Different brushes, pencils and crayons are available as tools. Particularly useful is a small test window in which the effect of the tools can be tested. The color palette in the top of the window is not a grid with predefined colors (as you would in Windows Paint knows), but actually a pallet on which can be color mix with each other.

An authentic painting experience

The focus of the Fresh Paint Windows 10 app is on an authentic and realistic painting experience. The images are like classical paintings emerge gradually. Complex tools such as different levels or various effects are missing. Only a filter that alienated photos and gives them a painterly texture, has been integrated into the tool. With the deliberate avoidance of complex functions, the tool is actually more like a painting than a graphics program. In return the app for all ages is suitable and an excellent pastime for children.