The filter pack Perfect Effects provides integrated image processing and a variety of interesting free photo effects. This provided about digital photos with HDR impression, blur effects or antique look and give the shots so that certain something. The operation of Perfect Effects created thereby quite simple. You select the desired image and then one of the many basic effects. These categories each contain a number of additional effects and filters, so that the freeware certainly has a good number of options for photo editing. This includes, among other things chic textures and frames, vignettes and some find it. Several effects can also be sent Attach one above the other, which can lead to very interesting results. Who wants to draw his pictures with a nostalgic look, use the Sepia and Black & White filters. However, Perfect Effects not limited to, aufzuhübschen photos with filters and effects. Also basic as the gradation, (un) sharpness and the color of the images makes the freeware earned. In addition, the effects package either works as a standalone program or as an extension for the image editor Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Limitations of the full version: Perfect Effects

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