Lords Mobile App

Lords Mobile App

In the Lords Mobile App players assume the role of a prince who is expanding, defended and developed his lands. The tasks at the court are manifold: It must recruit heroes protected the site or advanced technologies are developed.
IGG games currently among the most successful apps for mobile devices. Already with Clash of Lords or Castle Clash the company from Singapore topped the download charts. In the new simulation game impresses with an overwhelming 3D graphics and sophisticated gameplay.

Lords mobile app: real-time strategy with 3D HD graphics

The most important building within the Lords Mobile App is the castle. All the important decisions are made and decided in which direction the Principality evolved. In addition, a variety of buildings available that can be unlocked as the game progresses and improved. These include barracks for the army, castle walls to defend, the vault for the collected resources or an academy, can be developed in the latest technologies. In addition, other areas can be conquered or the forces of different players are bundled into guilds that support their own principality with their armies in the defense or enemy attacks.

Gems, resources, experience & talent points

The Lords Mobile App is subject to the restrictions that we already know from other Free2Play titles or IGG games. The premium consists of currency – as so often – precious stones. These are always in short supply and within the game difficult to get hold of. Unfortunately, you need the clunkers to get to relevant improvements or for one or the other strategic blow. The resources that are needed for the expansion of the Principality can be collected only to a limited extent. The amount of resources is determined by the army Capacity: The more troops, the more resources can be garnered. To move forward, experiences are & Talent points required. EP players get through hero levels, equipment, or after passing challenges. The talent points, players as they rise. They are available to develop new talents or improve.

Lords Mobile AppThe Lords mobile app is really exciting by the many heroes. Image: IGG.

Hero characters with magical powers

Lords Mobile is particularly interesting because of the many heroes of characters that shape the gameplay decisive with supernatural powers. So deep root can unleash the power of nature or paralyze enemies. Shane, the death knight spread desolation and allows opponents to freeze almost. Moreover, the heroes provide troops and territory bonuses and increase the production of resources. Gradually, new heroes with different abilities still can be discovered. Once they are subject to the princes, both the skills and the equipment can be improved.