Amazon Prime Music: Download music at a bargain price. The music streaming services get a new competitor. Amazon Prime integrated into its offering now also music. In addition to the still quite small music catalog of one million songs, radio stations exist and playlists.

Amazon Prime Music: Download and Streaming for Prime customers

Amazon wants to establish itself as a music streaming platform in Germany now. Therefore, in this country, the prime offer was extended and expanded in the area Prime Music. So far, Prime customers could take advantage of the premium shipping, eBook or audio book library as well as the film and series-offer. Now music fans get their money. In order to benefit from Amazon Prime Music, is a prime subscription condition. Compared to other streaming platforms that require monthly around 10 euros, 49 euros a year (November 2015) but relatively little.

Amazon Prime Music: Download

Offer in Amazon Prime Music

Looking at the music offer more closely, the price is also reasonable, more likely not require Amazon. only about one million songs provided - compared to the competition - at least so far. For information: The competitors are moving at about 30 million, and more.

Amazon also stated that the offer was not simply taken over by the US but designed for the interests of the Germans. Thus one finds Helene Fischer or force club in the selection. However, tests have shown that not only lines are missing from the record shelf. Also brand new hits or top albums are sorely missed. Only in the area Evergreens most titles are available.

In addition, Amazon is the prime radio. The user may then select from more than ten different genres and enjoy a corresponding radio mix without commercial interruptions. In addition to classical music, electro and hard rock, there are for example the relaxation radio or the German Stream.

Amazon Prime Music: Download Radio

Using the Amazon music streaming offer

In terms of use Amazon Prime Music can contrast score. The surface is similar to the shop, it is clearly structured and clear - so you find your way immediately. In the surface, the user navigates through the following categories:

  • radio
  • playlists
  • albums
  • songs
  • New Prime Music
  • Popular Artists

Each category has subcategories yet, so you can search for specific genres or newly added titles. Unlike, for example, Google Play Music man here is not lost in the depths of the service and can not find out.

Amazon Prime Music: Download Categories

Download and playback options

Thanks to Amazon Prime Music Download Users can download their music also and consume in offline mode. This works only on the Amazon apps. For at-home, the connection is still a bit complicated. Either one connects the PC via cable salad to large boxes or to stream the music with the smartphone Fire TV, etc. The connection to Sonos is yet to come in any case.