Twitch app

With the Twitch app can also go to watch with your phone or tablet other gamers while gambling gamers. Since version 4.0, you can take the Android app not only live streaming of League of Legends, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Clash of Clans & Co. watch; the video-on-demand feature allows you to retrieve content even later.

Gamble and watch others while gambling, that makes a lot of videos on the Internet popular. YouTube is by far not the only platform for live streams. In the download catalog lot sale in the category Internet TV software available for download. In the international gaming scene, the streaming service Twitch has recently made a name. Users can similarly YouTube create a channel, follow other Twitchern comment. Unlike YouTube, however, the content is live in the first place. With the Twitch app of the site or the gaming platform can also go watch from mobile devices.

Operating the Twitch app

The operation of the app is very simple. After free download and installation of Twitch app provides the user with a clear home with popular games. About the Menu icon in the top left you can do as individual channels or games located. If you want to watch a stream, a finger swipe is enough on the thumbnail. Users can view but with Twitch Android not just live streams and comment, but can also access content as video-on-demand with the new version of Android. Apart from the live streams has the Twitch app for Android also access interactive shows with well-known game companies like Blizzard Entertainment or Riot Games.

Twitch app

Founded Gamer portal as

streaming portal was founded in 2011. The predecessor project, however, was reached online since of 2007. Originally a thematically neutral streaming platform should thus be made available to users. However, it soon turned out that it was mainly gamers streams that made the service so successful. With the game consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can directly transferred. Otherwise special streaming software is used to transfer needed. Here's even more programs and app from our Internet TV with free download.

Today, Twitch app or Twitch is one of the most popular and successful streaming services for gamers. Claims to have seen 12 billion Twitch content in 2013 no less than 45 million viewers each month. This represents a doubling of the number of users compared to last year. The average Twitch users is by the way 21 years old.