Every four years, the parties advised the federal election campaign on the subject "Control" violently into the wool and outdo each other with promises to the voters. With the Tax-O-Mat Download knock users the party programs then off, which would make the best savings effect for your wallet to be.

Tax-O-Mat download with information about the tax plans of the parties

For this, you divide the tax-O-Mat few personal information with, namely the marital status, the number of in-College and the gross annual salary. Finally compiles the Web App, how high their own tax burden in 2017 and what savings or increase in charges to which party is to be expected.

Tax-O-Mat Download

By clicking in this overview on the details of each of the five eggs Part currently represented in parliament, gives a brief summary of the proposed changes in terms of control. In addition, you get a click from the control-O-Mat from the party programs.

Conclusion: A recommended, simple and quick information source for those who want to make future tax expert on the subject. Of course, but also the tax-O-Mat can not guarantee that the high-sounding projects are ultimately put into action ...