C-evo is a free, turn-based strategy game based on the classic game Civilization. Like the great idol, the player is challenged to simultaneously take care of the exploration, expansion, industry and agriculture of a nation as well as science and administration. Diplomacy and warfare are also on the agenda. The freeware strategy game C-evo includes a timeline of several thousand years. The goal of all efforts is like building a Civilization of interstellar spaceship, which is to allow the colonization of other star systems. C-Evo can be operated quite easily. All controls are clearly laid out and easily accessible. First, the player places one the skill level of the opponents. Here one should not start simultaneously with the highest level. After that, the player can take his own small, modest settlement in inspection, consisting initially of only a single settler. Now he is making every effort to expand and its city and its population to increase. This is achieved not least through advances in scientific fields. The Civilization clone C-evo is based not only content but also graphically turn-based strategy games of the 90s. Friends such Tycoon will enjoy new, exciting challenges. The game has only one single player mode. A multiplayer mode is planned, although according to the manufacturer, this has not yet been completed.