Hydro drinking water

Who has the regular drinking just not internalized and constantly forgets the handle to the water glass, can now be helped! With the Hydro drink water App the user gets an efficient reminder application on his smartphone. In addition to customizable reminders, the app a computer for the water needs willing and produces statistics and graphs for supplying water to.

Hydro drink water app - the drinking reminder for the smartphone

The human body loses an average daily around 2 to 2.5 liters of water. This amount of water must also be fed back to avoid dehydration of the body. Moreover, in maintaining the fluid requirement vitality and productivity is increased. If more sports activities to come or bring Thirty degrees in the shade the body in addition to sweat, the demand for natural. If that regular drinking rather difficult, is a kind of memory should set up. This will drink in digital form with the Hydro water Android application brought to the smartphone. The app is free and can be installed on Android devices from version 2.3.

Hydro drink water App

Hydro drink water calculated amount of water

Anyone who has downloaded the app, can initially determine the destination of water drinking. Here, the application helps calculates the amount of water needed based on various data and propose to a computer. So the user gets on his body tailored recommendations that the user can take over as the destination.

Reminder app reminds us of the drink

If the target is determined, the user can set appropriate memories. Here, too, enough freedom to be left to the user. So everyone decide how often they want to be reminded of the Hydro app to drinking. There can be any number of reminders to create. In addition, the user interface is very well done, so that the user can quickly deal is and how to set up and customize reminders quickly go out of hand.

Hydro drink water App Reminder

Observation and analysis of drinking behavior

The user can also use the 'Hydro drink water app be drinking behavior observed and controlled. That is, he wears a which amounts of water he has taken to himself. Here, even food can be considered, for example, a cucumber or a lettuce consist of about 95 percent water. However, it is troublesome for the user to come only once to such information, and then enter them. In addition, the user can make special information on sports or weather.

Hydro drink water App Chart

The app is then able to present the drinking patterns in charts and statistics well. So everyone can understand if the app has a positive impact on habits and drinking habits. Under certain circumstances, adjustments to the memories are still needed.

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