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The Struktograf download supports programmers in programming according to DIN 66,261th of PAP Editor creates structure charts and exported in XML format. In addition, inconsistencies are checked and the same will request a basic framework for the code in C.

Create program flowchart with the Struktograf Download

The count among the struktogramm editors are from the first starting to clear and simple at least in the first step in the handling. In addition to the integrated guide the way the program tips that are displayed when the program starts support. On the very clear homepage of the Stuktograf download a project is first created, or open an existing one. The now opened normal view offers the possibility of a create programming flowchart, of the branches contains etc. in plain text. Blocks can be inserted by clicking on the marked location on request further branch. Incorrectly inserted symbols are deleted either by pressing a button Delete, or undo via Ctrl + Z. Too bad: The Undo function is limited to nine actions. Nice contrast: While the Create struktogramm can select multiple entries by Shift or Ctrl key and removed simultaneously. Also can be in this way all the sections of the structured in a head-end or integrated tested loop. The corresponding function can be found in the menu under Edit. This is what the following structural blocks available:

  • textText field for free use, is inserted in the code commented out
  • instructions: Calling a procedure
  • branch: Decision yes / no (If then / else)
  • Multiple selectionBranching with multiple choices (Switch / Select)
  • Head-controlled loop: While loop runs while a condition is true
  • tested loopLoop continues until a condition is false
  • counting loop: Performs the loop x times from
  • function call: Gets subordinate functions, methods, procedures on
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Struktograf download

the chart from the View menu can be switch to the code view. Containing instead of the names in plain text then directly variable names, functions and statements. Related Data types and global variables this, developers define via the menu item Project.

Struktograf download Variable

convert program flowchart in Code & Create XML

Besides the pure creation of a Nassi-Shneiderman diagram according to DIN 66261 provides the Struktograf download the ability to convert the program flowchart in C code. A preview is available via code menu -> Code structure diagrams show ready. Here programmers have the possibility of a first visual inspection before the code export. However, the count structure also has a Automatic check for conflicts in variables on board. Which is available via code -> Variable conflicts find available and returns a list of the Var bugs, which can be resolved directly in place by double-clicking.

Struktograf download Variable conflicts

Are any conflicts resolved and all variables defined correctly, the code generation is optional as an overall project or individual files separately for header and implementation files possible. the C programming language is saved in the format Alternatively, the structure chart editor can also export the program flow chart as a general structure in XML format.

Struktograf download code generation

Slightly dusty PAP editor with export for C code

Look and feel of Struktograf download are not really very modern, but the idea of ​​Nassi-Shneiderman diagram is indeed no longer the youngest. The handling is largely simply-structured if it could go a little easier on the hand also sometimes. Something bad are minor shortcomings, such as the limited Undofunktion. Here you can manage through increased caching with ascending version numbers, however. Beautifully achieved, however, the multiple selection and Möglichkeitkeit for displacing whole areas in While loops or loops are. Who has no desire to create PAPs via image processing or Visio, and also can do something with the code and exports in C, here should certainly look a closer look. A complete program will be but certainly not create Struktograf – the application is used exclusively for the preparatory work and the preparation of the logical framework for the subsequent development. For the complete programming available here free code editor downloads.


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