Of the Taqman download brings order in your music collection. The shareware ransacked MP3 collections and fetches all the missing information, such as song title and album artwork from an online database, saving the music lover a lot of time and work.

Taqman download with automatic cataloging

Who is hoarding digital music collection on the hard disk of the PC and managed, has the songs often compiled from a variety of sources. However, audio players do not always specify all information in the music file so that the player really can also display the correct information about the song title, artist and cover. All these data include the so-called "ID3 tags"Which provided the MP3 music files with internal information such as album, artist, genre, and year of publication and include a cover of the album with.

Taqman downloadThe Taqman Download cataloged at your fingertips music collections. (Picture: Abelssoft)

tag individual tracks or the entire MP3 collection

Missing tags of music lover at any time and even manually insert afterwards. However, this is very time consuming, especially for large music collections. The Windows program Taqman provides remedial and assist, automatically nachzutragen the missing meta tags to suit their music collection. Optionally, individual titles can be tagged or the entire MP3 collection in this way after the Taqman download.

Taqman as "MP3 Superhero"

Taqman analyzed as "MP3 Superhero" all the songs and like the songs from using an online database. If some information is missing, the tagging tool transmits them to and loads wish to do so missing album artwork from the Internet. The handling is quite simple: One click to insert song name, artist, album and other metadata in the ID3 tags of MP3 files.

Batch processing simultaneously for any number of songs

With the so-called "Fingerprint technology" generates the shareware tool according to the analysis, a piece of music in each case the matching fingerprint. Other convenient features include the automatic folder structures: Taqman puts on request, a folder structure that sorts the titles by artist, album title or a combination of both. Batch processing allows you to edit any number of songs at once.

Taqman Download fingerprintTaqman generated for each title a fingerprint. (Picture: Abelssoft)

edit up to 500 files in the trial version

The trial of Taqman can try to 30 days. The only restriction: You can edit up to 500 files. Many more Tagger for free download are available in our extensive software offering.