Stefan Raab's TV Total nipple Board

Stefan Raab’s TV Total nipple Board

With Stefan Raab’s TV Total nipple Board Download Users get the most popular application of the cult TV show.

Stefan Raab’s TV Total nipple Board Download with ten sayings

Over 17 seasons turned Stefan Raab night at ProSieben in a collage of German television. The principle of the first program was simple: The funniest and most absurd sayings, statements and situations of the day were provided for the glee of the audience.

One main instrument was the so-called nipple Board. It is an operator panel with buttons. Behind each button a short spell or phrase hidden. This real-life statements were suitable as reactions to any occasion.

In TV Total nipple Board download ten of the most legendary sayings are included. Including the always matching Rich table! and not quite as mature Lick me in the ass !. True to the style of Stefan Raab users can comment on what is happening with the funny voice shreds.

Stefan Raab's TV Total nipple Board Download

Requirements for Stefan Raab’s TV Total nipple Board

The nipple Board application is delivered as a SWF file in the ZIP folder. The file requires no installation and is suitable for all operating systems. In addition, no administrator rights are required for that.

The only requirement to play the voice clips is the Adobe Flash Player. The player shall be responsible for the representation of many animated websites and embeds itself in your browser.

This characteristic starting the boards is only possible via a detour. Stefan Raab’s TV Total nipple Board Download completed, must be unpacked first, the ZIP file. Inside is a Flash file, which however can not be started on the double.

At the sayings are Windows users, by clicking the file with the right mouse button and select in the option Open with a browser. The direct selection of the Flash player is not possible. Alternatively, the TV Total board can also start by being pushed into an open browser window.

Stefan Raab's TV Total nipple Board Download Browser

Nipple board with sound without online TV clips

In the TV Total show the sayings of the nipple boards were always presented with the original video. In the Flash application download the short TV clips are not supplied.

Users can see a photo of the original panel with different labels. When pressing the appropriate button a button is optically simulated and you will hear only the audio recording. If you want to view the corresponding video will find it in the extensive Internet TV offer.