Joining a WhatsApp group – This is what one of the

Who a Join WhatsApp group want, can not just purely bumble - only the administrator can the what to do here.. The Messenger enjoys not only because of its chat feature, through which everyone can share pictures, smileys, voice and text messages with friends non-stop, so very popular. Especially the function of the group chats, over which one can conveniently split messages simultaneously with more than one person has done to its users.

A short intermediate state with an image from holiday or evening with friends planning can be realized so super easy. It does not matter where the chat partner happen to be, whether they chat with Android or iPhone or communicate over the tablet with the WhatsApp for iPad download. But you can actually join any WhatsApp group or you need special rights? This will be explained below.

Join WhatsApp groupYou do not want to join a WhatsApp group, but know how? We help. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

Join WhatsApp group - only the administrator

Group chats in WhatsApp are structurally closed groups. Say, who is not part of this group does not receive access to the contents of the chat, nor is it possible for him to get involved simple. All that is communicated in the group, is intended only for the eyes and ears of the group and accessible. Just a WhatsApp Join Group therefore can not. What you need is this the goodwill of the administrator of the group. So if you want necessarily in a particular Group Chat into it, has to gutstellen with the group administrator and ask him to take him. Was it convincing with his argument, the administrator can invite a new group member as follows:

add new members to the group

As already mentioned, there is no trick, just a group with WhatsApp join. To add new chat partner a group the only one who has the "power" to the administrator of this group. And how it is done: In Step 1 the administrator must start his Messenger and call the group chat question.

WhatsApp Join Group Admin(Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

it is in group chat, in which a new member to be added, he clicks in step 2 on the menu button, the three mutually perpendicular points. There the group Info option can then select. Now a new screen with the information of the group appears. in the 3&# 46; step is clicked in the upper right corner of the person icon with a plus. many more chat partners about this icon can be added. Overall, WhatsApp chat groups allowed up to 50 people.

WhatsApp Join Group Add(Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

is in 4&# 46; step clicked the icon, the contact list is called, in which the person in question can now be selected. in the last step The new chat partner can be added by confirming with OK eventually. The administrator also comes with a second variant of the goal. It can add select, and allow people to join the WhatsApp group using the group information the range of participants and above participants.

Join WhatsApp group new person(Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)