Of the Forte Free Download brings a free music notation program to your PC. With score wizard, different page styles for classical, hymns, and rock / pop / jazz chord assistant and playback of own composition freeware when entering notes, the processing is competently. Also own lyrics can be inserted with the same. An included library widespread pieces also helps you explore the possibilities.

create their own scores with the Forte Free Download

When starting the program Forte Free allows either opening a variety of popular music formats, or is the title Assistant to the side. Here you stored song titles and various other information that is displayed behind the document. In addition, the page style is defined here are available classical, hymns, Rock / Pop / Jazz. Then stand ready to have an impressive modern user interface with suppressable Ribbon menu a la MS Office staff lines and wait for the placement of notes. Alternative backgrounds to Create Sheet are the way through options -> Workplace. Of the Notensatz is relatively loose by hand by selecting the appropriate note in the input range. Which can be by the way, as well as all other imposable window move freely on the work surface. The tools of the input range in detail:

  • grades
  • accents
  • volume
  • tempo
  • Text / chords
  • key
  • time signature
  • key
  • ornamentation
  • reps

Forte Free Download

Practical accessibility features, such as automatically when placing on-screen bar ruler and the independent insertion of pauses according to the note, also help beginners in Create score. Moreover, individual, selected, or equal to, all notes can be at once both in the clock grid, move as well in pitch. And one has even concocted utter nonsense, is available a Undofunktion. Convenient for touch dyslexic: On request, the Note names as plain text displayed, the associated function is available via notes -> Note names seen ready in the menu. Alternative chord names in English (CDEFGABC) or Italian-style (DoReMiFaSolLaSi) there, however, through options -> Notation. As the music notation sounds, can listen Free Download directly in Forte. For this purpose, an instrument can be assigned to the mixer, via which the track is played. In the free version only the Windows Standard MIDI is available to play, however, the sufficient. In addition, a metronome can be activated. In order to listen very well, also a step-by-step playback is possible. Upon completion, the finished product can optionally be stored in the program's own Forte format, or put on paper by printing.

Import convert music files and MIDI in notes

During installation, Forte Free can be integrated as a standard program for MIDI files. In this way .MID files are in the right double click Music notation program Freeware open. Forte Free also provides detail instrumented MIDI files is as a score, a processing falls in source files with more than one instrument, however, made. This requires one of the larger versions that are available in Forte. Forte Free understood the Import the following music files:

  • Forte FNF
  • Forte scan XML
  • Karaoke KAR
  • Magix Music Maker MMM
  • QuickTime Song File SNG

Limitations of Forte Free

One staff per system Up to 2 voices per staff No significant export