Freeletics costs: How much is the dream body

Freeletics costs: How much is the dream body

On the way to new toned I should have read about Freeletics costs inform. We have gathered all the facts. make smart now and start exercising!

Short – but enormously sweaty. Such are the training of Freeletics. The new hype promises its customers “the best shape of your life” – and all without equipment. In order to train anywhere, anytime, the company gives the user to download the app Freeletics at hand.

Freeletics costsWhat Freeletics costs will the user?

Freeletics costs for registration and app

Who first want to get an accurate picture of the training principle and the workouts, you must first take money in hand. So the registry – you via e-mail and password or may carry out on Facebook classic alternative – free for all users. Also the associated app is free. However, access to the program is limited to the free account. So you only get access to some basic exercises. On the plus side is that the basic training have no time limit – they are and will remain free, no Freeletics arise for the user costs.

Who has noticed the Reinschnuppern, Freeletics is just right, a subscription may enter. With the subscription, all workouts will be unlocked. In addition, the user receives a coach with an individualized training program, which he injected to personal starting points and goals.

Freeletics costs AnmledungThe registration and Freeletics app is free

Cost of subscriptions Freeletics

Those who opt for a subscription, has a choice of three models, which are distinguished from each other only in their duration. Regarding the content of the training, there are no deviations. These are the subscription models and their prices:

  Freeletics terminan acabado y capacitación: Cómo
  • 3 months free 34,99 EUR
  • 6 months costs 59.99 Euro
  • 12 months costs 79.99 Euro

In addition, further Freeletics arise for the user costs if he wants to take the nutritionist (Nutrition Guide) to complete. receive additional 29.99 euros Users who want to live more consciously, a coach for balanced and tasty diet that also supports its own training goals.

Payment Methods in Freeletics

Those who complete one of the three subscriptions to the website of Freeletics can either pay by credit card or PayPal. If you want to the subscription via one of the apps, iOS or Android, to conclude, it also has several payment options. However, they are depending on the app store, since the subscription then the Google Play Store is available directly through iTunes or. To the offers thus but nothing changes.

Tip: Even with this contract the right of withdrawal applies. Who notices within 14 days that the motivation wears off or this type of training is not optimal for one, can revoke the membership.

Attention: All subscriptions are automatically extended by the same length, if they are not actively terminated! Who does not want to wear the Freeletics costs for three, six or 12 months, should not miss the notice until the deadline.