Snapchat effects: all filters retrieve with trick

Snapchat effects: all filters retrieve with trick

A main reason why Snapchat is so popular? Very clear: the filter! There are regular new ones that inspire the user. At the same time, most are removed again after some time. Can you as a user-lost Snapchat effects retrieve and use them again? read here!

After downloading the app Snapchat users can send photos and short video snippets to their friends on iOS and Android. Since the news is usually self-destruct, you can sometimes let you go right and send follies. For this fun Snapchat has involved various filters and effects.

Snapchat effectsTemporary Snapchat effects can be used only temporarily unbound actually. (Picture: pixabay / Snapchat / Editorial)

Snapchat effects for fun jokes

Snapchat has – become a real cult – especially due to self-destructive snaps, but above all thanks to the exceptional filter. Users can play safely right because they do not have to fear that these photos or videos shouted. Therefore, many any nonsense, grimaces or crazy jokes dare to send. which is still more fun, of course, with a corresponding impact that provides the service regularly available. One of the best known filter for example, is the puppy: Once applied, dog’s snout, ears and tongue adorn the face of the photographed – in addition to the Snapchat typical enlarged eyes and the charming Blur.

Temporal Specials are available: Sun zombie filters are for Halloween, for example, published – this year there was next to a devil’s face, among others, a bloodthirsty rabbits and the popular puppy as nasty hellhound with bright red eyes. These filters disappeared after Halloween again.

Effects available only entertaining

However, it fared example, the rainbow filter: suddenly vomited all rainbows. Why Snapchat has this filter removed, one does not know, he was extremely popular. Many users find it a great pity if the favorite filter is no longer available suddenly – that is also obvious. But there was a little trick, let the take back the beloved filters.

retrieve filter with trick Snapchat

This trick worked on both Android and iOS devices. The background: The Snapchat effects are linked to specific dates. Because each device automatically returns to the date of the day when a filter is used. Snapchat reads this information from then and are the current effects free. Resourceful readers can now think of it already: Who a little manipulated the date of the mobile phone can retrieve so old filter treasures. Unfortunately Snapchat has now disables this feature so that it is no longer easily possible to retrieve filter.

Snapchat effects settingsSnapchat filter via the settings themselves could bring back the past. (Image: Screenshot Editor)

Nevertheless, we want to describe the way – you could always try, because sometimes functions are indeed back:

  1. Calls on the settings of your smartphone.
  2. In the settings you seek the category date and time and selects it.
  3. Here is the desired date manually. Anyone who wants to use such as the rainbow tongue and Zombie Halloween 2015 is looking out one day in September, 2015.
  4. Now your Snapchat open again and can the beloved old Snapchat effects use again.
  5. Just remember to bring the date for the photo session back to the current level. For one other applications such as the calendar can otherwise no longer work properly. In addition, the new effects are otherwise not available. The process, however, can arbitrarily perform often.

Snapchat effects Datemanipulate dated smartphone. (Image: Screenshot Editor)

As I said, actually retrieving the filter no longer works in this way because Snapchat has disabled it. But go and try it again might be worth – because who knows, maybe the retrieval is possible again soon. Should we find another way, we make you naturally attention.
Otherwise: Snapchat as often as possible check. Because sometimes the developers also bring old filter just like that for a little while back. The puking rainbow there again, for example – combined with the global filter and the rainbow clouds.