With free Activity Report Download the user gets a little helper to optimize the personal time management at hand. The software comes with features to record working times, manage and evaluate. If necessary, leave and public holidays and sick days are taken into account.

Overview of work time and Activity Report Download

This here little tool joins the wide range of working software. It is suitable for both employees and employers, but can also easily be used as a private management tool. Even freelancers can gain an overview of their work done, their sick days and so on like that. The Activity Report Download time recording is a breeze. The tool has all the necessary tools, but positive surprises and extras are missing.

Activity Report Download

Installation of working software

Since it is in the time management program is a simple Excel file, it does not make special demands on the system. The software runs under Windows and without problems on older versions. A complicated installation does not exist either. The handling of the tool is simple, so beginners and less experienced users can record their working hours effortlessly. This is partly due to the presentation of the software, which is based unmistakably on Microsoft's Excel application. Both visually and functionally encounter users here at once well known.

Activity Report Download Master Data

Sufficient feature list in the Activity Report

With simple interface No training is required and the user can get started immediately with the timesheet after the download of the Activity Report. The first tab of the software indicates the timesheet, which lists associated with working hours every day of the month. The user can see at a glance both the actual and target hours a day. The break times and total hours per week can be seen. Adds the user new numbers, the data is automatically changed. Thus all data at the end of the month are correct, the time registration program also takes into account losses due to sickness, vacation and holidays. Workers may also enter travel times.

Work time through easy handling

Since the Activity Report is structured by Reiter, the user always has an overview. In each tab are predefined entries and fields, so that the user knows immediately where what can be written and should be. In a tab, for example, master data such as employee number, set working hours, etc. demanded, in another to vacation days can be inserted. In addition, all input fields are provided with explanations that give the user clues to the requested records. Also with regard to the tax return, the software provides various resources. In another rider frequently asked questions are answered to the tax office.

Activity Report Download tax office

Finally, the tool combines all data and entries in clearly evaluations for the user. If necessary, these can also print.