Avira PC Cleaner

Avira PC Cleaner

With the Avira PC Cleaner Download Get users quasi one a second opinion on suspected viruses. Who does not trust its primary antivirus program so right across the road and is concerned that a pest might have gained access to the computer, is well advised with the freeware solution.

Avira PC Cleaner Download as uncomplicated virus protection

The antivirus tool performs its services without coming already installed antivirus software into the enclosure, even if better scan results to be expected for their temporary deactivation. But is the price of a reduced level of protection against viruses and Co., which is why the manufacturer indicates that the Avira PC Cleaner Download is not to be understood as a replacement to complete virus protectors. For that Avira PC Cleaner uses very few resources, so is also suitable for use on more low-power notebooks or netbooks.

Avira PC Cleaner Download

Clear malware found after scanning

After starting the program and the subsequent update of the investigator are user before the election to investigate either the entire computer or only important areas for infestation. After the scan is complete, informed Avira PC Cleaner, if malware was found on the computer. The freeware lists the finds and deletes it wish to do so from the system. Previously, the user still information and details about the infections can be displayed by malicious software.

Avira PC Cleaner Download malware

Avira PC Cleaner installation on a USB stick

Finally, the addition to Avira Free Antivirus and Co. summarizes the results of his work together again clearly. The bottom line: Meaningful solution for those who want to be absolutely on the safe side when it comes to viruses. The offered by Avira PC Cleaner Download Online Installer invites more files from the Internet and can be copied on request to a USB flash drive. This has the great advantage is that the user has and the virus scan always there to check any PC by pesky intruders and remove malware if necessary.