Monster Legends Stud: Guide for all intersections

Monster Legends Stud: Guide for all intersections

Who wants to fight at the top of the Monster leaderboard needs an invincible creature. The Monster Legends breeding So sets the first foundation stones. read now, how to become a good breeder.

With the free app Monster Legends Download to gamers fetch a monstrous and thrilling adventure on their smartphone or tablet. Players take here in the role of a monster breeder who at best creates invincible creatures that assert themselves in battles against other beasts. But one but first needs the basics that we have gathered here in the Guide.

Monster Legends Stud: The Basics

In Monster Legends, there are countless monsters, which differ in their appearance and abilities. Not all of them are available to the user immediately available, but can be enabled by passing the level. In total there are in the game ten types of monsters found:

Monster Legends breeding

In addition to the types of monsters, there is a distinction in terms of their occurrence. Some monsters are rare, while others are relatively common. The distinction is made with abbreviations that are displayed at the top left in the properties in the game.

  • (1) CThe C appears with a yellow background and stands for Common. These monsters are rather standard and relatively easy to come by cultivation with Monster Legends.

  • (2) UCThe acronym stands for Uncommon monsters. This one does not get quite so often, but still relatively common. They are recognizable by the brown background.

  • (3) RThis leaves monster with red background are as the name suggests Rare rare, but better equipped.

  • (4) eBehind E, Epic monster with green background hide. These are the second rarest creatures.

  • (5) L: The Legendary monsters are the rarest and therefore most desirable creatures. They are recognizable by the purple background.

The rare monsters are therefore even the strongest and most valuable. Who goes to war with them, has not only to gain better opportunities but gets a victory even more gold.

Possible intersections in Monster Legends

The following are the Monster Legends breeding is now listed. Here all possible intersections are represented by two monsters and their results. We have structured the intersections of the different monster types.

Intersections with fire Monster

Monster Legends breeding Fire

Crosses with the natural Monster

Monster Legends breeding Nature

Crosses with the Earth Monster

Monster Legends breeding ground

Crosses with the Thunder Monster
Monster Legends breeding thunder

Intersections with the water monsters
Monster Legends breeding water

Crosses with the darkness Monster
Monster Legends breeding darkness

Crosses with the Metal Monster
Monster Legends breeding Metal

Crosses with the Magic Monster
Monster Legends breeding magic

Crossings with the light Monster
Monster Legends breeding light

Crosses with the epic Monster
Monster Legends breeding Epic

Crosses with the Legendary Monster
Monster Legends Breeding Legendary