Spintires makes the genre of driving simulations decidedly off-road capability. Although the off-Sim currently still is in the development stage, they believe now with great graphics and easy-held, but nevertheless challenging control. In the yard of Spintires demo two vehicles currently are available. Either by jeep or in a monstrous, multi-axis military transport it makes its way speaks literally over hill and dale. The simulation also stands out for its realism: Each site provides the PC-roader before completely new challenges, since the vehicles always react differently to the ground. Since it is also to act skillfully with the all-wheel drive. And if all else fails more, the winch must be even pull the cart out of the mud ... The download area is Spintires found incidentally in two versions. While the tech demo illustrates the game, the developer demo allowed at this early stage of development using different mods. Of these, a number of testing are available thanks to a rain following. The spectrum ranges from a German language file via various alternative vehicles to buildings and terrain modifications. A corresponding link is also found in the download area and invites for extensive browsing.