With the download For radio listeners their favorite stations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The free Web service receives more than 30,000 web radio stations from around the world.

The online radio with Download popular with many mobile users on smartphones and tablets already very popular. Looking transmitter find users in no time with the built-in search function. Whether 1Live, SWR3, Antenne Bayern, NJoy radio Ö1 or SRF1 meets the taste of the listener keeps links to radio streams and podcasts thousands of radio stations. divided the streams of channels for better orientation sorted by genre, theme, country or language. download with more than 30,000 radio streams

The spectrum ranges from pop, funk, rap, metal on Classic to news and radio thriller. works as a translator between the wave format of traditional radio transmitter and the digital format of the Internet consisting of bits and bytes. The online database provides over 30,000 radio streams a large selection of national and international channels for listening via browser.