Can be legal – or is that wishful thinking?

Can be legal – or is that wishful thinking?

On the web, many services that offer free movies romp. But are portals like legal or it is better to leave it alone? now learn all about Nox.tos rights!

Users who search the Internet for free movies are quickly found. Various online streaming services make their bid for lau available. For most, it is then also when streaming. Who wants to watch his favorite TV series or movie classics later without Internet, it can be drawn with the free downloads of to his computer. But if you think he is moving so on safe and legal terrain, dreams! legal legal? – It would be nice!

Video streaming services are currently experiencing a huge boost. No wonder – for cineastes they are the cheaper option to come on hot new films and series hits. Most services offer their movies to stream only. Many users know from, or Compared to these offers goes one step further. The portal offers the films not only as a stream, but download. This is exactly the step that the line between legal and illegal is clearly exceeded.

Why is not legal?

Compared to – where often there is talk of a “gray zone” – is the case with obvious. Can be legal? No! Because the portal offers movies for download via file hosting on without having an agreement with the provider or rights holder of the films – which is illegal. Evidence that are in support of this issue: the lack of imprint and the fact that brand new films that are paid on other services are offered free of charge. In addition, it is to Downloads to MKV formats that have been altered in any way. legally brand new films

If you download a movie about, creates a 1: 1 copy of the material and places it on his PC or hard drive. So that no one can talk about that is legal because the legal situation here is more than clear more.

When are private copies legally, when not?

A fundamental right to a private copy simply does not exist in our law. There are only a few conditions that, when met, could justify a private copy.

  • (1) material, which is shown on television may be recorded for private use.
  • (2) The template for the copy must be legal – illegal conditions also make a copy of an illegal product.
  • (3) original footage and DVDs can be copied for private use, provided that no copy is available.

However, the user commits an offense if he takes one of the following actions:

  • (A) If he makes a copy of which is derived from an original with copy protection.
  • (B) If the user a film Ä o.. burns from an illegal copy.
  • (C) If they download copyrighted footage without permission of the copyright holder.
  • (D) If the users themselves, etc. is copyrighted movies, series available, it makes itself also punishable.

NOTE: If you want to make excuses so that in case of transfer, he had assumed that was legal, was forewarned: Ignorance is not even in this case of punishment! We recommend: Stay away from this portal. There are enough legal alternatives. Even some free – and even the paid services do not hurt, of being caught as a criminal offense.