Sometimes it is necessary that photos must be deleted. make smart about the different methods and now delete Picasa photos! The image management software Picasa is one of the most famous and popular in its field. It is suitable not only for archiving and manage photos; one can therefore also edit images and share in the form of Picasa Web Albums with other users. Here you can download the latest version of Picasa for free. delete Picasa photos

delete Picasa pictures - Here's how!

Especially the Share feature brings with it the need that uploads can quickly and easily as needed again be deleted, such as when other people are in the pictures can be seen that would not be visible on the Internet, or if copyright has been infringed and rightsholders to delete the Picasa insist images. How it works exactly is explained in the following step-by-step instructions.

Delete entire albums

With the albums feature Picasa users can create virtual groups of photos that come from different folders on your computer. The total is roughly comparable to a playlist for pictures. With just four clicks you can delete the records. First, you click in Picasa to the My Photos page on the album that you want to delete. Then Actions > click Delete album. Finally, the deletion is confirmed with the OK button and the Picasa pictures are deleted. It should be noted in this method: After deleting the album, the original photos from different folders remain on the computer.

delete individual photos

Should not the whole album, but one or more photos are deleted, proceed as follows:

  1. 1&# 46; First, you click in the menu on the Organize button.
  2. 2&# 46; Now in the overview, the photos are selected to be deleted. Tip: If you press the CTRL key while selecting multiple photos can'll marked in a step for deletion.
  3. 3&# 46; Are the pictures tagged, click on the Delete button.
  4. 4&# 46; Finally, the deletion is confirmed by clicking on OK.Individual photos can be deleted when you click Actions > click Delete this photo and then confirm the deletion with OK.

restrict visibility of Picasa images

Want the photos to be visible not deleted, but merely no longer publicly to anyone on the network, then you can limit the visibility of photos with different methods. The highest level of privacy called in to Picasa only for me. Who selects the settings of an album with visibility only for me, thus removing all persons from the Shared with list for this album. Are selected people on an album have access, only about friends or family, then you can, for example, limit the visibility of the album via a link with authorization key.