WhatsFapp is the new edition of WhatsApp Plus. Earlier this year, WhatsApp Inc. had pushed the unofficial clone finally put a stop after a short time before temporary barriers were imposed. For the new WhatsFapp download is according to the developers now no danger of a ban or a ban more. Compared to the previous version of the installation process is simplified. Uninstall the original WhatsApp is no longer necessary. WhatsApp Plus almost all the features were taken.


WhatsFapp Download: Successor of WhatsApp Plus under a new name

WhatsApp reasonable alternatives there are now numerous. Be it Viber, with the colorful stickers and Internet telephony function, or threema and signal that excel in terms of data protection and more secure communications. Very popular in the series of WhatsApp Alternatives of WhatsApp clone WhatsApp Plus was. Unlike the now belong to Facebook original one was able to send larger files, such as full-size photos. In addition, you could customize the design further. In spring 2015, the WhatsApp Inc. has however put an end to the activities. Now WhatsApp Plus under new names rose again: WhatsFapp. Programmers are tough!

Using multiple accounts

According to the developers is to WhatsFapp Download now no longer a threat to a lock by WhatsApp Inc. In addition, the installation process has been simplified. Most features have been taken over by WhatsApp +. And so WhatsFapp has the advantage that you can use it to manage multiple accounts. The app is as already its predecessor largely customizable. Also on the settings to private Schäre Notice they have laid value.

Here are some of the Successor

Users of WhatsFapp example, hide the indication of when they were last online. Otherwise recalls, for example, an acoustic toast because when a contact comes online. The design has also set great. Users enjoy a new material design available. Other features include, among others:

  • Choices between old user interface and the new interface calls
  • No uninstall the original WhatsApp for installing WhatsFrapp required
  • Groups Statistics
  • Preview function for pictures and videos