1602 Installer

Of the 1602 XP Installer Download fixes problems during setup of the classic Anno 1602. These relate to Windows 2000 or later and cause error messages when you install the original CD.

Installation problems solved with the 1602 XP Installer Download

As a little added feature can be selected in 1602 XP installer if the music and video files to be copied from the CD. Even the add "New Islands, New Adventures" can be installed with. In the download section, the 1602 XP installer found both in a version for the original 1602 version as well as a modification that appeal to owners of the expansion 1602 New Islands, New Adventures directed. This also eliminates the installation error occurring with a CD inserted.

1602 XP Installer Download

Furthermore, is available in the download area the patch 5 New for both the original 1602 and for the extension 1602 Islands, New Adventures. These fix various errors both technical and playful nature such as problems with the screen resolution. Last but not least, the extension to extension 1602 found there New Islands, New Adventures. This makes the well NINA called Anno set the so-called King Edition and brings additional features besides the scenarios contained in it on the computer.

No matter-how-jokes: the new hype in the network

No matter-how-jokes: the new hype in the network

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